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Thu, Jul. 14th, 2005, 12:15 pm
How I get books cheap, even out-of-print books.

I get all my books dirt cheap at http://www.bookfinder.com. Here's how.

  1. Pick the cheapest three available copies.
  2. Build shopping carts from the three individual bookstores for those books.
  3. Search each of those three bookstores for other books you want.  Hey, save shipping.  The shipping can make a difference at the end because some stores use direct mail from separate suppliers who charge separate shipping for each supplier, so wait until you get the bottom-line price for the whole shopping cart before you make your decision. 
  4. Complete all the data entry on all three shopping carts to get the bottom line price on each shopping cart.
  5. Pay for the shopping cart that has your favorite balance of price and availability of the books you want. Some individual titles might require separate shipping on some sites and not others, so you may want to delete a book from a shopping cart to get the best overall price for the books you order. 

I receive no compensation for anything I've written here. My love for BookFinder is wholly sincere and based on customer satisfaction. Seriously, they're the Tivo of bookstores.