basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

How to survive an encounter with your ex.

If you run into your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend,
you want to survive that encounter. You want to be
proud of the way you behave in that situation. So
here's what you do.

Tell 'em, "I'm so grateful to
see you. I've been in recovery dealing with a lot of
my shortcomings that caused the troubles you and I
had, and I've realized that a lot of my problems were
caused by my bad character, and I've made a lot of
progress in becoming someone I like to be around. I
just wanted to thank you for your part in making me
realize I needed to grow up. Thanks." And walk

Blood will pop outta their eyeballs, 'cos
that's the last thing your ex wants to hear: that
they got the shitty retarded version of you, then you
left, woke up, now you're an adult free of emotional
baggage, and to you, they're a symptom of what you
used to be like. You'll be high offa that for weeks.

I'm here to help.

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