basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Another comic and I talk in Neurolinguistic Programming commands. Good practice for embedding commands onstage. Incorporates the idea in the book "Structure of Magic 2" that everything can be stated as a command, including statements of fact, if you preface them with "I say to you,".

Jerry: I say to you, "Hello."
Basil: I say to you, "Hello."
Jerry: Imagine how much you're going to enjoy telling me how you've been.
Basil: You're hearing me share that I'm happy to be alive, and how grateful we are to be having this conversation.
Jerry: As you see yourself acting on your plans for tonight, describe the experience you're having.
Basil: Because you're accepting my plan to sit and watch the ballgame, you're already looking forward to buying me a pitcher of beer.
Jerry: F*ck you, Basil.

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