basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Weird, Stupid, Hard & Scary For Today

Weird, Stupid, Hard & Scary For Today. Feel free to add your own.

Weird - People are so politically angry that I'm afraid to have a political conversation in a restaurant. 'Cos I might say something like "Maybe the White House is lying, and we shouldn't take what they say at face value," somebody's gonna stab me with a breadstick.

Stupid - Why aren't we running cars on biodiesel? We can run today's cars today on moonshine. We have lotsa corn. We have rednecks. We have copper pipe. Get on it. Why aren't we fillin' up on corn squeezins? 'Cos Saudi Arabia doesn't make moonshine.

Hard - It's hard to feel sympathy for California. They voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger, and they deserve him. Californians vote on a lotta issues that other voters leave to the experts. So Californians voted not to pay taxes. Now they're broke. Boo hoo. Cry me a river. Maybe the cartoon character you elected can magic up some money. One of his first acts was to cut college scholarships for the poor. Smart move. The last thing Arnold wants is more poor people reading the paper. That's like kryptonite to a millionaire bodybuilder. Thousands of poor people marching down the streets of L.A., reading a book. Terminator 4: Humanity Picks Up The Paper.

Scary - I ask people why they like George Bush and they respond with statements of belief stated as fact with no rational basis, like "He's better than Kerry." How? I keep asking "How?" until they explain to me that Bush reminds them of themselves. Ah, this I understand. Now I know why Reagan cut Head Start. It was Phase 1 of a plan to raise a generation proud to be dumb. Tough to beat pride. Hard to tell the difference between dumbly reacting out of fear and acting based on personal principle. Especially if you're dumb. I envy the dumb. Lotsa company. Never alone.

Feel free to add your own Weird, Stupid, Hard & Scary.
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