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Someone asked how my concept for Standup Comics is different from Red Meat.

Someone asked in Webcomics how my concept for Standup Comics is different from Red Meat.

Good question. Worth an answer.

Here's my response.

I don't have a "concept," per se. Standup Comics is my sincere attempt to show what my comedy act looks and sounds like in the medium of comic strips.

Standup Comics came from an idea from psu_jedi. She said that I deliver my jokes on stage like a character in a comic strip, and I should try framing my jokes into comic book panels as a writing exercise.

I did, and I showed them to some people who liked them, so I started publishing them.

I don't know Max Cannon's concept for "Red Meat." It looks similar because they're both minimalist. Straight lines tend to look like other straight lines. It isn't the straight line's fault.

Max Cannon is a real cartoonist using real artistic talent to create fictional comic strip characters with depth and personality. Standup Comics is me, Basil White, a real person, performing my real comedy act, rendered in comic strip format.

On stage, I stand still and deliver my material in a deadpan style at a 3/4 profile. Standup Comics represents what I say, how I say it, and what it looks like. Some LJ'ers have seen my act and can share their own impressions of my delivery "style," as much as it can be called a "style."

I don't know how else to render the concept of my comedy act into comic strip format. Sure, I could draw a brick wall and a microphone, but the minimalist style keeps the focus on the message.


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