basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Weird Stupid Hard Scary for Today

Weird Stupid Hard Scary for Today. Feel free to add your own.

I had a conversation with my son about his friend getting out of rehab.

My son's old enough to have a friend out of rehab.

We also talked about when we could visit together. He volunteered that he can come to me on his own, now that he has a driver's license and access to a car.

My son has a driver's license and access to a car.

When my friends come to my house, they bring their kids over in a car seat. They talk about buying Baby's first tricycle. I'm in Auto Zone thinking about how I'm gonna giftwrap a glasspack.

He's a much better son than I deserve. I dodged a karma bullet. I used to gripe about child support. Now I feel it's the best money I ever spent.

But the vasectomy is a close second.

Let me explain.

My genetic dice are loaded with dysfunction. Odds on any subsequent children would be 2-to-1 to be the Antichrist. I'm just lucky my first roll was a Hard Six.
Tags: antichrist, cars, craps, infancy, karma, middle age, vasectomies

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