basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Field Report: Del Rio, Leesburg VA 2006/03/11

Field Report: Del Rio, Leesburg VA 2006/03/11

Brian McClure hosted, Pauline Ball guested, I featured and Jesse Joyce headlined. I talked to Jesse outside during Brian and Pauline's act because there was nowhere discreet to stand in the room.

I didn't hear a word of Jesse's act because I did a bit about the Unclaimed Baggage Center in my act and two guys from Mississippi and Tennessee buttonholed me after I got off stage and told me where they were from and I made the mistake of telling them I have family where they're from, so we spent 55 minutes comparing geneaologies.

Fortunately, Jesse gave me a cd which I'll enjoy later. He's friends with Mark Lundholm and Kevin Downey jr., two comics I admire fondly.

Jesse and I hit the IHOP. Smart guy. It's rare for me to meet someone who has more stories to share than I do.

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