basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Hutchinson Sportsmen's Club, Brownfield, PA

Well, they were polite! They were all there to see the hypnotist and waited politely for me to do my thing so the hypnotist could start.

After the show, the hypnotist told me that happens to him every time - the club hypes the hypnotist and the room fills with people there to see hypnotism who don't give a sh*t about comedy.

I even gave 'em slow balls, like "Who owns guns?" thinking that'd get a response at a GUN CLUB. Nothing but polite waiting for the hypnotist. Except in the back, where the hypnotist and the bartender were laughing. They were quoting my act later, so I think they were laughing at the material and not the crickets.

The bartender had the time to watch my act 'cos despite the fact that people had to go back to the bartender to get drinks, NO ONE WAS BUYING DRINKS 'cos they wanted to be in the front for the hypnotist.

I'm still glad I went. People gave me their e-mail to let 'em know when I'm in town again, 'cos "We were here to see hypnotism tonight." <-- Real quote.

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