basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

I have a guitar pedal idea in my head. Lemme know if it exists, and if so, what it's called.

crossposted to [info]effects_junkies and [info]guitargeek

I want a heel-toe aka seesaw-style pedal that has send and return to loop my effects pedals, so I can control how how much of the output from the pedal is my effects pedals versus clean guitar.

An on/off stomp button for 100% loop would be nice too, and a gain knob to turn the loop signal up or down to match the clean signal, but those aren't a must.

Does this exist? I'm ready to buy. Please comment here or e-mail me at basilwhite a@Aat7Tt basilwhite doO0Tt coO0m - Thx!

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