November 8th, 2004


Stalker Update

This week's LJ DC Comedy meetup-slash-Basil stalking is a day early.

Normally we meet on Thursdays at Wiseacres (, but this week I'm doing the open mic at Wiseacres a day early on WEDNESDAY, Nov. 10.

On Thur., Nov. 18, I'm supposed to do time at Saphire Cafe in Bethesda (, but I'm trying to get out of it, so call my cell that day if you're in the area.

Thur., Nov. 25, I will be enjoying the plump femininity at DARKOVER ( at the Holiday Inn in Timonium, Maryland.

Back at Wiseacres on my normal Thursday schedule on Thur., Dec. 2.


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Can you reject something that doesn't exist?

Several people have called me "bohemian," adj., "A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of appearance or behavior."

But I don't disregard conventional standards. I have no evidence that conventional standards exist. Where are these conventional standards?

People say I "think outside the box." What box? I don't remember any box. Show me the box!