January 27th, 2005


How to manipulate groupthink

How to manipulate groupthink: Create a group participation technique that looks and sounds equitable and solicits feedback. Use the feedback to isolate leaders, loudmouths, pushovers and those who agree or disagree with your hidden agenda. Set these groups against each other until your hidden agenda moves from a subject for debate to a principle accepted as true that frames the debate. Start a cable channel! Hope America doesn't learn how to fight back.

Comedy Works in Bristol PA

Featured at the Comedy Works in Bristol PA last Friday for headliner Bill McCarty. The owner cancelled the Sat. show due to snow. Only second snow cancel in her 25 years of business.

I left Bristol Sat. morning and drove in a blizzard all the way to my home near Dulles Airport. Nine hours of slippery blizzard conditions. I didn't get to fourth gear until Baltimore.

I saw death on the road. I saw it and smelled it. It smells like spoiled pork barbecue.