July 17th, 2005


Sat., Jul 16, House Of Welsh, Elkridge, Maryland

Small room, great crowd. Nice staff. I recommend this room to my comedy colleagues. Am enjoying my delicious takeout-steak sandwich from HoW as I type this.

Headlining is fun.

Several people couldn't make it even though they were local. I've been thinking about tossing a benny to the LJ members who come to my shows, maybe a free cd if they bring a printout of their http://www.livejournal.com/manage/ page or something like that. Lemme know what you think.

Last public gig for a while:

# Fri., Aug. 19 & Sat., Aug. 20, 8pm, HEADLINING at ZIG'S IN ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA! This is a live taping
for my DVD. Arrive hungry: Zig's keeps its full dinner menu open until
2am. 4531 Duke Street west of Jordan St. in Alexandria, VA, 1½ mile
East of Landmark Mall in the FoxChase Shopping Center. Online
reservations at
http://www.homestead.com/zigsbar/Zigs_Reservation_Form.html, or just call them at (703) 823-2777. Point-to-point driving directions at http://tinyurl.com/bp2k2. First three SLOB members who show up with a SLOB message from me get a FREE CD! To join the SLOB, send your ZIP Code to basilwhite @AtTT basilwhite .dOOT comM (altered to beat spammers).

Send ZIP Code for show dates/venues - AOL IM to basilwhite - Make basilwhite your AOL IM Buddy - Yahoo IM to basilwhite - Make basilwhite your Yahoo IM Buddy


Draft of new press kit bio

Basil is a hybrid of energy and magic. Although he maintains a palace in Northern Virginia, Basil spends most its time on board the Ford Ranger, flagship of his deadly armada. He enjoys music, poetry, and crushing the minds of unbelievers.