May 8th, 2006


Writer's Center Comedy Alumni page

This page is for alumni of the Writer's Center Comedy class. Taking the comedy class gets you the privilege of sending me manuscripts and audio to review, and announcements of when we're going to meet at Writer's Center events to talk about comedy projects. Alumni get free manuscript reviews and free follow-up sessions at Writer's Center events. Post at will. E-mail questions to me at basilwhite Aa@at7T basilwhite dooO0tt coo0Ommm, or...

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62WelcomeToTheInternet Dental hygiene and country hardware machismo.

My dentist is great. She's trained me to floss and put me on prescription toothpaste. Dental pain and gum pain, gone. Prescription toothpaste is $18 a year. A bargain. My dentist talks about her grandkids and World of Warcraft. There's no generation gap anymore.

My dentist is in Manassas near lotsa cheap retail property, so I check out the poor people strip mall. There's a great old school hardware store that packs the greatest variety they can pack into every corner and aisle. Camp stoves and Red Ryder BB guns. The paper towels in the bathroom have the harsh, abrasive feel of cowboy love. I think I became more of a man.