May 27th, 2006


First day in Jackson, MS

Arrived in Jackson, MS airport. Clean, brand new, small and empty. I mean Langoliers empty. The radio in the rental car is tuned to hardcore rap, as it always is. One of the few constants in life. They play the good rap down here. Nissan's running ads for their sponsored rap show and jiggle contest.

My son Bill shows me his truck: A GMC Jimmy with a 1992 Corvette engine. I went to the restaurant where Bill works.

A 1992 Vette engine closeup in a GMC Jimmy. The motor sounds so wrong.

A 1992 Vette engine profile in a GMC Jimmy.

Stand there! Interact! Be natural!

I met Bill's friend Dash and Bill's boss Rosemary. She's pretty hot for a great-grandmother. Then Bill and I went Krogering. Kroger has Ro*Tel, the magic salsa ingredient. I miss Ro*Tel and Kroger.