August 5th, 2006


Brett Leake show 20060804

Went to the Brett Leake show last night (20060804) with [info]vikingsparrow, [info]strawberrykaren and [info]severus-bracae. Brett's the best comic I've ever seen live. I wanted [info]vikingsparrow to see Brett so she could deconstruct Brett's act for me.

She said Brett is "assertively joyful." Would that I were so. She also said the feature act Al Goodwin looks like Christy McNichol. The owner Mike Diesel came over to say hi to us. [info]vikingsparrow says Mike has hands like The Thing.

The Internet killed weird.

Used to be weird to share risque photos or stories of your perversions with strangers. Thanks to the web, every desire you think is weird or bizarre or shameful is in fact celebrated on dozens of pay sites and a Wiki and a flash cartoon.

So no matter how sick or evil or sinful you think your desire is, you now have PROOF that you're not alone.

I miss feeling dirty.