August 18th, 2008


Prepubescent magical powers and flying machines.

There's a special place in my mind for Miyazaki films. They all mishmash in my head as a single set of experiences that don't relate to anything else, optimistic preteen girls with unobtrusive mystical powers and fanciful flying machines.

Miyazaki wants that world, which is so different from our own, to exist that he unapologetically starts us there with no connection to reality. There's a world dying of industrial poison and a girl with mystical powers has her own flying contrivance, here we go. The upshot of this hard drop into Myazaki's world is my mind draws hard boundaries between that world and any other creative work; heck, any other experience.

I hope smarter people than me are psychoanalyzing his world-building process, because I'd like to create work that starts unapologetically in a fantasy world millions want to inhabit for an hour or so.

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My dog ate my deliverables crosswalk.

I took day job work home this past weekend to work on my day job over the weekend, so I could finish it by COB Monday.

I go to work Monday.

I've left my day job work at home.

I wait all day until I can get home where my day job work is so I can start my workday at 7pm doing my day job work at home.

That'll teach me to take initiative.