December 7th, 2008


The Year In Review

The Year In Review, as ganked from hornetskaya.

Post the first few lines from the first post of each month in 2008.

Please help me find YouTube video. It's animation about these two kids who start reading a comic book about a man on a raft.

Edit: FOUND!

February: The author of this video asks why God doesn't heal amputees. If God, aka "the infinite," healed amputees, we'd know God existed, then we wouldn't have to believe in God. If we can point at proof of God, we don't get the enlightenment that comes from believing in God.

March: I pity the fool who don't know about The Negro Problem.

April: I was born in Memphis 6 months after Martin Luther King was assassinated. Some day I'll write a song about Martin Luther King's assassination called "Fetus on the other side of town."

May: I'd be five years younger if I didn't drive >20,000 miles/year.

June: Fort Benning PTSD "Warrior Transition" barracks across the street from FIRING RANGE

July: Joined the gym at work today. First time at the gym as a nonsmoker. Much harder to get to cardio target when my lungs aren't weighted with tar.

August: Working out 6-7 times a week. Getting tired of all the showers. Working out to the threshold of pain, but I will buy clothes in a normal person clothing store again, this I swear.

September: In Oregon. Everyone here talks like they're stoned. I'm on the beach at the Oregon coast watching the horses. The Planet of the Stoned, Naked Apes. All we need are ape costumes and rifles and the head of The Statue of Liberty. THEY BLEW IT ALL UP! GOD DAMN YOU THEY BLEW IT ALL UP!

October: If Nordic travelers from the 9th century suddenly found themselves
in Austin, Texas, Matt Norris' creation is what they might build:

November: Second demo just finished: - Divorce Demo.mp3 -- -- Here's the other one that I sent out last week: - Blue Bayou Demo.mp3

December: I haven't stood up for myself in the past. I don't know how to stand up for myself other than anger and acting out of control. I don't have a lot of experience using other methods. I don't think to stand up for myself; then in hindsight I regret not standing up for myself.