April 2nd, 2009


One-week Wii Fit update

Yesterday was my seventh day of Wii Fit ownership and my seventh training session. Yesterday Wii Fit started with "Wii Balance Board not found...April Fool!". Since last weekend cherry blossoms drop on my Mii from the virtual sky.

Standing up no longer hurts. My body seems to be developing a muscle awareness of proper posture and balance. I now see why the VA buys Wii Fit games for rehabilitation.

My balance has improved from nonexistent to below average. I feel like an acrobat. A morbidly obese acrobat, but that'll do. Baby Huey to John Belushi.

Plus I can't tolerate unhealthy food. I now believe what The Hacker's Diet website says, exercise doesn't burn calories as much as it drives you away from eating junk. Right now I wouldn't eat a Big Mac without violence.

EDIT: added http://www.fourmilab.ch/hackdiet
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