May 8th, 2009


Life imitates Sanford and Son.

Today's random affirmation - "Anticipate and work to prevent counter-productive confrontations."

I'm enroute to The Other Department where an angry guy is going to show me how the app his company wrote, doesn't do what old free spreadsheet did. Hey, we do what we're told, nobody's fault, you get what you pay for. I'll lead the conversation by asking about his kids and wait for him to ask me what I want.

I have a meeting next week on Project Deathbilly, so I need to identify the uncompromising part of my vision and why it's uncompromising, then I can trade the requirements I want for the requirements I need. That way I confront PRODUCTIVELY!

Speaking of requirements, I still need an MP3 recorder, Hee Haw overalls and a forearm cuff with metal studs for the audition on the 30th. Daddy has needs. Won't you help? You can donate anonymously in case you have a studded forearm cuff in a plastic bin and you've moved forward from that phase of your life.

Not sleeping well. Body too tired to exercise, brain too excited to sleep. Maybe I'll practice guitar and vocals when I'm too tired to exercise.

I'm worried The Other Department has changed their way of doing business, to eliminate the possibility of the shared risk that enabled our recent historic evolution. Shared risk created the collaboration, the collaboration solved problems, but I'm afraid that now we're solving the risks instead of the problems.

Serenity policy: Grant me the serenity to accept the policy I cannot change, the courage to change the policy I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I had fun in Chip Schwartz's business analysis class. this class taught me that a lot of methods I built out of necessity in the mid-90s to document software, and relate a user document to the structure of the user's work, the inventory of user problems, and prioritizing solutions for the next version - all these methods existed already. In fact I used them as the first theme for my thesis and a reviewer rebuked me for not reading her book. Again I broke a pipeline and thought I struck oil. I am the Fred Sanford of instructional design.

In the late 80's I worked out a way to use VCR tapes and off-the-shelf for multi-track audio recording and an engineer told me he could absolutely build a completely functional prototype with parts out of a catalog. Years later the same design entered the pro audio market.

I swear to infinity, someday I'll drink a Coke and figure out how to use it to cure cancer and a delivery driver will walk past me pushing cases of new Pepsi Chemo.

I owed money on my subway card and the station manager waved me through. Why? Because I smile.

Auditions May 30, Sterling, Virginia. Drums and guitars.