August 20th, 2009


Why play "Serious Rock"?

Recording music is much more fun now that I feel like I know how the tools work. I plan to develop exactly two projects at a time, which means that for now, I'll divide my time between a remix (Blue Bayou) and a new project (Crazy Train (For Feeling So Lonely)) until I work my way up to Walking After Midnight, then I'll work on two new songs at once.

I associate my experiences of creative success with times when I keep my eggs in exactly two baskets. With one basket I don't work efficiently or have fun. With 3+ baskets I neglect a basket. Two projects seem to balance the discipline and fun so creation occurs.

I'm also enjoying the comedy validation of "if people laugh, we've proven the concept." You don't get that from serious rock. There's no place in my world anymore for serious rock.