September 28th, 2009


I Fall to Pieces (as I Scream for Vengeance".)

Marcus Aureolus spent several hours last night in the Dixie Dungeon fixing Tammy Wynette vs. White Zombie. Devotees know that we split our efforts between fixing an old song and creating a new song, so we're splitting our time between fixing this song and a new song, "I Fall to Pieces (as I Scream for Vengeance".)
This sets the demons of inertia and boredom against each other. Fight! Fight for my amusement! I attribute most of my creative success to keeping my eggs in exactly two baskets.

All the old songs we've fixed required major rearrangement and rerecording, and D.I.V.O.R.C.E. (Astro-Creep Remix) requires these too. But I feel like my learning curve as I recorded the old demos and the learning curve I'm ascending now are combining for parabolic returns. After this song I don't think there's any rearranging to do, just rerecording drums and vocals now that I've learned 1) how to edit to a click track and avoid saturating the mic, and 2) the wisdom and merits of doing so.

I love the psychological (and nutritional) rewards of the work, but I wish the songs were done, because now is prime time for band recruitment. People quit bands right after the summer, audition in the fall and practice in the winter.

If you want something to do, I need a metal song to mashup with Wichita Lineman.
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