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March 2012

09:25 am: Flip side of becoming your favorite cook is you can't buy your own cooking; you have to make it your
05:23 pm: My top two musical nostalgiacs from college are Rob Base and Ministry. My college mashup lyrics: "It
06:13 am: Thanks Dad! From http://www.muggedbygeorge.com - Limited Edition Deathbillies mug. Edition of 1.
04:16 pm: Welcome new Deputy Deathbillies Little Kender and Benjamin Blacklock! Go posse up: http://is.gd/dbon
06:44 am: Sell The Excuse: Overcome other people's cognitive dissonance by embedding what they don't want to d
04:43 pm: I have formulated, tested and approved chipotle cornbread - http://basilwhite.com/recipes.htm
08:27 am: Choosing a college major like a pimp http://www.hookingupsmart.com/2012/03/01/personal-development/m
06:07 pm: 20120310InovaFairOaksHospitalInvertedQualitySign.jpg
04:33 pm: Cooked food. Took food to work. Put old food on top of fridge to put new food in back. Forgot old fo
06:33 am: I command all single women to read and apply this knowledge now http://www.hookingupsmart.com/2010/1
03:38 pm: I made crepes for Honeybabee. She said if I had made these crepes when we started dating, she'd have
04:09 pm: Joe Deeley's lookin' good!
04:01 pm: New private fans-only Deathbillies video of The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Rocks And Rolls All
06:31 am: For my fellow policymakers
06:16 am: New private fans-only video of The Gambler's Ace Of Spades That I Could Keep at http://is.gd/dbonfb - 3 comments
08:51 pm: Visited Captain Joe in hospital and issued him the new posse patch, which will be available at Sun A - 1 comment