basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Psycho Stalker Boobies! $50 reward! LJ Users Only!

Looking for NSFW psycho stalker boobies photos for promo for my website/promo packages that I send to bookers and promoters for comedy shows. The $50-winning photo will be:

1) Not safe for work. Ironically, this makes it appropriate for my business needs.

2) Something in the ACTUAL content of the picture that makes it specific to Basil, Basil White, or, e.g., "I Stalk Basil."

3) Something about the emotion/expression/composition of the picture that expresses "psycho stalker."

Attach to this thread or send to basilwhite at basilwhite dot com. I won't share your pic on LJ if you tell me not to.

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