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DC Metro Smartrip lifehack

DC Metro Smartrip lifehack

Buy and register two Smartrip cards.

Put one in your wallet and secure the other one.

Take your secured Smartrip card when you get farecards or money to load onto the Smartrip card.

Go to the fare media kiosk and load your secured Smartrip card with money or farecards. If the amount of farecard money exceeds the maximum you can put on your secured Smartrip card, put the remaining farecard money on the Smartrip card in your wallet.

Take the Smartrip card from your wallet and put the secured Smartrip card in your wallet.

Secure the Smartrip card that was in your wallet before.

Advantages: You always have a working card when one of them dies. The cards should last longer if you distribute the wear over two cards. You have twice as much storage in case your office gives you farecards worth more than you can store on one card. Registering both cards means they'll be replaced if they're lost, stolen or broken.

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Basil White

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