basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Tell salespeople it's your policy to speak to two of their happy customers

Many companies keep a "brag book" of complimentary letters of people volunteering to speak as customer references. I've learned to ask to speak to these references when salespeople speak to me or call me. They can have a policy, you can have a policy.


Tracy Geller wrote:
I've spent a lot of time at your Basil White website and I think your comedy
cd is perfect for our stores. We work hand in hand with the largest stores
in the country, plus .....

Tracy Geller


Basil White wrote:

Give me contact information for two of your clients you list on your website
so I can get the straight story on how your services worked out for them,
and I'll consider your offer based on my conversations with them.


Tracy wrote:

Dear Basil,

Thanks for writing back. As per your request, it is against our policy to
release, sell, or disseminate the information of registered members to the
general public. To read what some of our members are saying you can visit
the testimonial sections of our website. We'll be adding more when the site
is updated in the coming weeks. To give you an even better idea of what we
do this email should help...(19 paragraphs of ad copy)


No thanks. It's against my policy to enter into service contracts with
vendors who don't provide customer references.

There are several companies with track records who have happy customers who
are willing to share their contact information with prospective new
customers. In fact, that's how I picked an enterprise webhost.

I guess VendorPro doesn't trust its customers enough to let them talk to
each other. - big shows coming up -

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