basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

My ex-boy Bill

My son Bill and I were inseparable when we shared a vacation in late May and early June. Many people said he looks just like me. That's because Bill and I are clones, hatched 24 and 45 years respectively after the birth of the initial host, my father.

Bill's around the corner from adulthood. I had a few good times with Bill while he was still a kid, and I cherish them. On Memorial Day he took me to my first car show, rodeo and gun show. He asked the car owners intelligent questions about their cars, helped me figure out how calf roping is scored, and explained how compressed-air pistols work. What I know about cars is that they take me to food.

Bill's a man's man. Smart, gentle with little folk, and tough when he needs to be. He's like me if you took out my character defects and replaced them with social skills. I'd be jealous if I wasn't so grateful.

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