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Sun, Sep. 10th, 2006, 12:36 am
Couple new joke books came out

Couple new joke books came out - Complete Idiot's Guide to Jokes and Judy Brown's It's a Man'd World. Squee!

Tue, Sep. 12th, 2006 01:03 am (UTC)
(Anonymous): Thank you for taking your surgery and recovery so public.

Thank you for taking your surgery and recovery so public. I am on the one week countdown before the surgery and I will admit, I am nervous. Not as nervous as about how long I would be around without it, but still nervous. Going online, I was looking into some bypass stories and the one I found just before yours was just scary. It was all about all the complications and all the problems, and how all the wrongs in her life were because of the surgery. I have to wonder now, after reading yours, if maybe she is one of those that has to blame all bad things on something that cannot be blamed on her or any decisions she made. But yes, for a few moments, her story scared me. So, I kept on surfing, and found yours, a true, honest, and humorous account of your life during this period. You touched on some of my fears, and even some I didn't know were there until I read your account, and a couple that had me in tears because I have, in turn, given my kids a childhood determined by my obesity. I hope it's not too late to change some of this, I am afraid it might be for some as well. But all in all, Thank You so much for your story. Your honest portrayal has made me feel more secure in my decision and my reasons for it. Thank you again