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Basil White: Forbes says don't marry career women.

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Forbes says don't marry career women.

Looks like they got some negative feedback and added a counterpoint from a female editor. Reads like they rushed her, 'cos the he-said side has statistics and the she-said side is philosophical rebuttal.

Because I'm a contrarian moderate (Motto: I don't know, and YOU don't either!), I offer my synthesizing summary of both articles:

Maximize your income until you can hire an accountant, a financial planner and a cleaning service.

If you can make enough money to get over the threshold of being able to afford professional help for all the issues that are exacerbated by a two-career marriage (spending/saving/chores), then you get to the win-win.

This strategies-masquerading-as-news is why I skip Forbes and Newsweek and read Psychology Today. Forbes and Newsweek pretend to be news, but thanks to the Web, print media favors articles about self-helf strategies that people tear out and stick on the fridge. Psychology Today sticks to the self-helf strategies without adding the unnecessary veneer of journalism.


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