basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

SCA Barony of Stierbach holiday faire

tags:weapons, ceramics, bushido

SCA Barony of Stierbach holiday faire

I went to the SCA Barony of Stierbach holiday faire. A buddy of mine who wears Japanese garb gave Aimee and I some pointers on how to make some new garb for me. I keep wearing my reenactment kimonos around the house as pajamas, so I go to events looking very ronin.

Business at the holiday faire was booming. The economy picked up faster than the retailers could respond, and now stores are running out of stuff worth buying.

An SCA retail show is a smart move if you're looking for a cool holiday gift that the recipient's never seen before and can't get at a mall or a discount store. Plus, SCA events have shopping AND combat. Why go to a craft show when the SCA has crafts AND swordfighting?


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