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Bethesda Writer's Center approved my comedy writing workshop!!!!

Bethesda Writer's Center approved my comedy writing workshop!!!!

Below is DRAFT.

Applying Standup Comedy Writing Techniques to Other Writing Forms - Bethesda Writer's Center,

For both beginning and experienced fiction and/or creative nonfiction writers. This workshop will focus on tools of standup comedy writing and how to adapt those tools to other forms, including humor and non-humor writing, fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting and poetry. The workshop will discuss the learning exchanged among the fields of standup comedy, neuroscience, neurolinguistic programming, mind mapping, journalism, technical writing and stagecraft.

Participants will choose a topic and learn how to use standup comedy writing tools to reveal the irony of the topic, its assumptions, effective questions that yield irony and humor, how to use standup comedy syntax for maximum effect, how to frame the act of writing as an hypnotic act of conveying sensory experience, how to minimize the words necessary to convey that experience, and how to embed sensory commands into their writing.

Participants will also discuss how these methods apply to other writing forms. Participants are invited to bring their own writing goals to class to apply these comedy tools to their current projects, adding the dimension of humor and humor writing tools to their repertoire.

Instructor: Basil White is a professional standup comedian and actor. A collection of his jokes will be published in the Spring of 2005. He moonlights as a technology writer and editor, and has published articles and online courses on technical writing, usability and information architecture. He has an M.A. in Science Writing from Johns Hopkins University. His website is


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