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Jesus is caught in my spam filter.

I've noticed that a lot of spam has sections of the bible in it to fill the message with text that people don't tend to block.  Then I realized that the stuff was biblical in form but not from the bible.  

And then I found The Markov Bible.  It uses Markov chains to generate a marginally-sensical restructuring of the text of every book of the bible.

Great source for cloudtext for spam.

But fun to read.  When read randomly, the bible makes just as much sense and provides me with the same feeling of inscrutable serenity.  I've just been reading Leviticus warning me thusly:

Then the LORD spake unto her increase, and the tabernacle of the skin thereof, then the sin offering, even the scab spread much abroad in it; then shall do them,
Even Random Leviticus wants us to breed.  Random Jesus is kinda hip:

I say unto you: continue ye also deceived?  And whosoever shall gather grapes of the Father; neither carest thou wilt thou?  And at any man have the rain on them, Elias truly shall be the good fruit. A prophet? yea, though many others, and the people.  Now learn what is easier for thee hence, Satan: thou come into the dead.  I will not commit adultery, Thou shalt perform unto him, Caesar's.  As therefore thine eye evil, know that way.


What do you get from The Markov Bible?
Tags: christianity, markov chains, spam

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