basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Weight Regain after gastric bypass, and glycemic index card

Gakked from

RealPlayer slide show with text and narration. Well executed. Explains weight gain after surgery, and powerful information about how eating foods low on the glycemic index keeps pounds off, keeps you full for hours, and how high-glycemic index foods screw up the message your pancreas send to the brain that you're fat and should stop eating now.

The low-glycemic index stuff is fulla sweet stuff, too. sweet ≠ sugary. The slide show talks about the drastic effect of eating instant versus steel-cut oatmeal, almost the same going down, TOTALLY different to your stomach and your brain.


After watching (and downloading RealPlayer) I created a glycemic 4x6 index card shopping list that I taped to my refrigerator -->

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