basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

MySpace, knee surgery, the weekend

My sister keeps sending me MySpace mail. I frikkin hate tarded MySpace mail. I keep telling my sister she's too smart for MySpace. I'm trying to get her to move to LiveJournal with the intellectuals and Harry Potter blood fetish fanfic nerds.

No knee injury before, ever. I get up Jan. 13 from sitting cross-legged in the foyer, incredible pain, can't bear weight on it. Arthroscopic knee surgery the 25th. Recovery's going great. I have a surplus of Vicodin for the Apocalypse.***

This weekend I'm sorting receipts for taxes and filling out tax paperwork for the accountant, then working on tracks for my cousin's album. I'm trying to talk my sister into learning bass guitar. She could learn bass in week. There's only four strings. Even a MySpace user can play it.

Might be working with a local college to give private humor marketing consulting to local businesses.

***Apocalypse is capitalized because there's only one of them. None of this born-again crap for Satan. Satan does the job right the first time.
Tags: arthroscopy, bass guitar, myspace, retards, taxes

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