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Book outline

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Book outline

Book outline.

Book outline Title: Critical Laughing: Be funny by learning why you laugh.

Intro: This book is not for everyone, only for those who purchase and then choose to read the book. Congratulations! You're special.

Ch. 1: Clarity Of Thought And Why It Must Be Destroyed.

Ch. 2: Skeptics Are Easy Marks.

Ch. 3: Logic: Yeah, Good Luck With That.

Ch. 4: If You're Laughing, You're Solving A Problem.

Ch. 5: Connecting Ideas Illogically: A Pragmatic Argument For The Existence Of Dog.

Ch. 6: Science, Math, History, And Philosophy And Why They're So Stupid.

Ch. 7: The Fool's Toolbox: Anyone Can Be An Idiot, But Being A Fool Requires Thinking And Discipline.

Ch. 8: Mind Mapping: Dumb People Need A Picture.

Ch. 9: Applied Illogic: A Taxonomy Of Stupid.

Ch. 10: How To Construct An Illogical Argument.

Ch. 11: How To Turn A Logical Statement Into An Illogical Implication.

Ch. 12: Look For Internal Contradictions: Create Them If You Have To.

Ch. 13: Consider Opposing Viewpoints And Explain Them Irrationally.

Ch. 14: Give Extra Weight To Irrelevant Information.

Ch. 15: Use Insufficient Support To Justify Your Claims.

Ch. 16: Assessing The Weights Of The Various Claims: Make Sure You Do It Wrong.

Whatcha think?

Basil White


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