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Sun, Mar. 11th, 2007, 11:43 am
New Braunfels TX 20070310

Finally got on the intarweb with my brother Tighe's laptop.  Turns out there was, in fact, an operating system hidden under the porn.

Tighe has a foosball table and pool table in his living room.  Amazing what you can fit in your house when you don't read.  We go to Wal-mart for provisions.  I buy towels.  Tighe lets me buy two and tells me we don't have to clean them before we use them.  Hey, his house, his rules.  

We shop for food and make a meal together, the first time sister Melissa and Tighe and me make a meal together.  Then we go see Bob Schneider at John T. Floors Country Store.  Testament to the whole nother country element of Texas culture.  Everyone knew, loved, sung along and bought CDs, and I had never heard of the guy before.