basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Trip to Brooklyn

Spent a mid-April weekend in Brooklyn. Apparently, I brought Spring with me, 'cos Brooklynites were exclaiming that this was the first nice day of the year and calling each other to bring Frisbees to Central Park. My cousin Jason lives off Bushwick Avenue in a creative, artistic community (read: ghetto with books) in a factory converted into loft apartments with 8'X12' "bedrooms" sectioned by drywall. But the city is so alive! Jason gave me his bedroom for the weekend and I slept on a bunkbed I reached by climbing a ladder. Pretty smart use of space, I admit.

Jason worked all Friday so I spent all day next door in next to Potion Cafe ( talking to the owner, Len, an immigrant from St. Petersburg, Russia. We talked about Russian humor and Bulgakov's "The Master and Margarita." Easiest, fastest read in Russian literature and maybe the first magic realism novel in Western literature. I DARE you to read Chapter 2 and put the book down (

Jason came home and we found his gf Elli and spent Friday night getting slow, impatient service and watered-down cocktails at Black Betty. Slow AND impatient service. That's New York. But the city is so alive! Then Jason and I played guitar and worked on music. Saturday we worked on music all day, then Elli recorded some keyboard tracks and fell asleep while Jason and I watched Mr. Show ('s_Insane,_This_Guy's_Taint).

Sunday Elli, Jason, Jason's roommate Clayton and I went to Coney Island for its final season before demolition (Village Voice headline: "Last ride on Coney Island: The Bulldozer!") I punched my Coney Island ticket quite solidly: got the corn dog, the postcard, rode the Wonder Wheel and the back seat of the Cyclone, my last rollercoaster of my life. Ever.

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