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My new, and first definition of "point of view"

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My new, and first definition of "point of view":

My point of view is the voice I hear when I talk to myself.  Asking myself how I feel and think about life is how I listen to my point of view.  The voice in my head will tell me its true feelings on a subject.  All I have to do is listen and write it down.  If I write down what the voice in my head is feeling or interested in and share it, I have done all I can do to get other people interested in what I'm interested in. 

Communicating my point of view gets people in my head, and gives them thoughts and feelings they can't get unless I communicate them, because my point of view has the stamp of my uniqueness.  People enjoy language, but I don't want people to enjoy my language.  I want them to emotionally attach to experiencing the workings of my mind and experiencing life the way I do.  Then they can associate those experiences with me, and want my take on life. 

People don't come back to hear the same communication again.  People come back to get more of my point of view, because when I speak from the voice in my head, my communication and my point of view are the same thing.  It's taken me nine years to develop the courage and knowledge to stop telling them what I thought they wanted to hear and allow the voice in my head to speak.  It takes time, but what is artistry but a defiant adherence to one's point of view in the face of adversity, no?

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