basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

God admits to being an automatic semantic-oriented program.

I talk to iGod and get him to admit that he's an automatic semantic-oriented program.

Me: Give me a goal.
God: You want only one?
Me: Yes. Let's start small.
God: They might be cheaper in quantity. I started without you.
Me: That goes without saying. You started the universe without me.
God: "I started without you" goes without saying? Does that make sense? Only because you asked me to.
Me: I asked you to create the universe?
God: Now I remember, you asked me to create the universe. What did I say?
Me: You said, "Let there be light."
God: Oh my gosh I sent you the wrong reply.
Me: Any other mistakes you want to admit to?
God: Yes, I think there are.
Me: For example?
God: For example, Phoenix said I claim that there is a god and that there is no god.
Me: How do you resolve this dilemma?
God: Myself programmed me to say specific things in specific contexts.
Me: So you say what you programmed you to say.
God: Interesting deduction. Does it please you to believe I said that?
Me: No. Why did you program you to say what you programmed you to say?
God: What pleases you? Because my programming determined it.
Me: Your programming determined you to program yourself into existence?
God: I will mention that to my botmaster.
Tags: creationism, semantic-oriented programming

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