basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

20070907, 9 Quarter Circle Ranch, Bozeman, MT

Awoke in the cabin to the ring of the cast iron bell giving me my first announcement for breakfast. I bathe and change. The air's finally cold here like it was last year. I trudge through the wet grass stained with rabbit poo to the "big house."

A waiter tells me that we're eating pancakes today instead of tomorrow because someone overheard me saying that I wouldn't be here for breakfast tomorrow to enjoy tomorrow's pancakes, so they moved pancake day to today and all forty of us are eating pancakes. Apparently west of the Mississippi I have magical powers.

I thought Aimee and I would hike up the mountain across the street, so I loiter in the big house with her. She stays and quilts, so I stay and quilt. Aimee tells me to help other quilting students with the strip weaving Aimee and I finished yesterday, so I spend my morning helping women weave strips of quilt fabric. I enjoy helping.

Yesterday a cowboy came up to me and Aimee weaving fabric and asked what I was doing. I explained I had already hiked the mountain, I don't like to fish, and I weigh 12 pounds too much to ride a horse, so quilting is the remaining activity left for me. He says he'll put me to work. I ask if I can drive the Caterpillar front-loader. He says no. Sorry, if I work on vacation, I drive the Tonka truck. Those are the rules.
Tags: sensory experience

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