basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

If you had to have plastic surgery, what would you have done?remove this extra post-gastric-bypass-surgery skin.
What non-physical attribute(s) do you seek out in a friend?Intelligence
What non-physical attribute(s) do you seek out in a lover?Willingness
What is your area of expertise?Empowering people with problem-solving tools
What do you wish you were better at? paying attention
What is your ideal age?right now
What makes you feel relaxed?fellatio
What makes you feel anxious?my to-do list
How well do you get along with your family? physical and spiritual detachment.
Do you like photographs of yourself?yes
No holds barred, what is your pie-in-the-sky dream job?Cult leader
Do you enjoy being alone?yes
Do you enjoy being in a large crowd?yes
What animal scares you?children
Do you dream in colors?yes
Do you prefer to date older, younger, or same age? don't care
What social group were you in back in highschool?King of the Freaks
Do you feel like you are smart? yes
How many living plants are in the room you are sitting in right now?Is fungus a plant?
Do you have indoor pets? What kind?I am an indoor pet
Do you like your house? Hell yes.
Where is your favorite spot on earth? The clitoris.

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