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Thu, Feb. 14th, 2008, 11:59 pm
Valentine's Day Report

Left house early enough to sneak heart-shaped box of choccies into vikingsparrow's car before work.  Fighting some horrible pox all week, so I was home sick Mon. afternoon through this (Thur.) morning.  Dropping choccies was my first act in 3 days wearing manpants.

Went into work to scribe meeting notes at Fort Unusable, then went home to make spasgetti dinner for vikingsparrow as was her wont.

She gave me balloons, a comfy Nordstrom cotton twill shirt in a gift box and a cute card of us napping.


Then we ate spasgetti and garlic bread nom nom nom.

All day I thought about how much fun I would have making spasgetti for vikingsparrow.

In summary, I am a deliriously happy, huge pussy.