basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Collateral karma

This morning I noticed that I'm moving with a noticeable absence of pain and discomfort, which I didn't notice until it was gone. Clothes don't strain at the buttons anymore. I'm still not sick of the raw fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch. I can't just walk on the treadmill anymore. Now I have to jog to keep my heart rate on target.

I want to buy normal people clothes in a normal people store. Normal people get better clothes.

Yesterday I bought a double-extra large raincoat for my trip to Oregon. I have room around the stomach but the arms are tight. I've been exercising my upper body to double the recovery time between jogging.

So the upper body exercise I have to perform to lose weight makes my upper body too big to fit in normal people's clothes. Sure, lots of guys want big shoulders like mine, but I'm in XXL shirts and I still worry I'll tear the arms out of my dress shirt if I raise my elbows.

There are worse problems. If I hadn't quit smoking I wouldn't have gained the weight that convinced me to start exercising six times a week. If I hadn't quit smoking I wouldn't have needed an alternate nervous habit at work, so I wouldn't have bought a short-scale electric guitar for the office, and I wouldn't have learned how to play guitar scales.

Sometimes good has unexpected good side effects. Who'da thunk it?

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