basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Saturday morning field ops.

My new job requires the Executive Costume every day, so now my "casual friday" is a suit and tie and an unshaven face. My Michael Westen mode.

That's a character from the show Burn Notice, to which I am hopelessly addicted. He's the Macgyver of applied social psychology. I shall now write my to-do list in the style of the show.

Today is working out and hiding Christmas gifts. I've found that if you're buying custom work for Christmas, your choices are receive it four months early or three months late. The problem with having presents early is you have to hide them. Fortunately, people tend to hide their Christmas decorations in the least accessible part of the house, so Christmas decorations provide excellent camoflage for gifts.

My cousin has some new demo songs online. Collaborating with him is the most effective encouragement I've found to write music, so I'll rebuild the guitar and keyboard connections to the laptop and see where the muse takes me.

Then I pack for vacation. I've found a GPS to be indispensable while driving on vacation. The interface on a car GPS assumes you want to go to a specific address or you're searching for a specific thing, but I get a lot more enjoyment from having them constantly display everything around you. Just tell the GPS to search by name, press "Enter" without actually entering anything and the GPS will list everything listed by distance from where you are. This allows you to be spontaneous with the advantage of constant situational awareness.

I also need to go to the grocery store for Fresca.
Tags: field ops, orienteering, soda

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