basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

I watched the olympic closing ceremonies last night. When the tower of wire-flying acrobats became a spinning chrysanthemum, I immediately regretted being sober.

I play drums for exercise. As my conditioning has improved I've added weight to my drumsticks.

I finally added so much weight that the drums move out of place, so I got weighted gloves with little sandbags behind the palm. Much harder workout, less impact on the drums, win-win. Plus after working out for half an hour, then taking the gloves off and playing unencumbered I can make the drumsticks dance like Mikhail Baryshnikov.

The gloves are too small, and Nike doesn't make weighted gloves any larger. Another burden of my largeness. My son Bill and I were in a military shop where to my delight I found extra-extra-large shooter's gloves, which are warm but tight around the fingertips so you can use a trigger or a ballpoint pen.

I looked for two years for shooter's gloves big enough for my hands. Bill told me the Army's largest standard-issue gloves don't fit him, so the Army bought him special gloves. At least they match his size 15 boots.

That's my boy.
Tags: darwin, olympics, outerwear

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