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I tell the DMV lady that my driver's license expires on my birthday, so the crowd of customers behind me must be a bunch of Libras.

She looks at them and shakes her head "no."

Apparently we have a look.

The Lyndon Larouche people are camped outside the DMV. I tell them their numbers only explain the problems and they don't provide any means to test theoir solutions. They told me that if I sign up that I can get on b oard and be part of the solution. I told them I don't declare my allegiance to a belief that hasn't proven its merits. They told me that I don't believe in truth and that I've been blinded by the media. I asked, "What number am I thinking of?". No answer. "Maybe you're not as good of a mind reader as you thought." This method silences a lot of ideologues. You can use it if you like.

The materials have lots of facts and figures about what's wrong and no means to test any of their solutions. Just like every church or snake oil salesman.

The Communist Manifesto and cult messages use the same sales pitch: quantitative verifiable data of the problem, followed by an ideological solution with no means of testing the solution before you buy or believe. The numbers pan out, so the solution must reflect the same empirical rigor, right? Right? The market's in a death spiral, and STILL no Congressman is willing to buy my snake oil? When will people let go of their fixation to verify and take the courage to believe again?

This is why I'm a Foundationalist. I believe that it's impossible for me to not believe in anything, but I'm better off believing in as little as possible, so I only feed beliefs that aren't based on other beliefs. I only believe in things for no good reason, like my belief in choice and means-testing and verification.

Also smooches.

And bunnies.
Tags: bunnies, dmv, foundationalism, ideology, lyndon larouche, smooches

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