basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

The Ballad of Travis Bickle - Singalongs for angry people

The Ballad of Travis Bickle (Basil White) - Singalongs for angry people

Travis (G)Bickle is my (D)name, I'm a (G)modern Super(D)man
'Cos (G)I got pistols (D)taped to my arms, (A)they spring out in my hands
(G)I drive a (D)taxi, that (G)runs on crime and de(D)cay
(G)God help you if (A)you get in my (D)way

'Cos a (G)hard rain's gonna (D)fall
Drive the (G)scum outta this (D)town
(G)Travis Bickle, The (D)Bronx Vigilan(A)te
(G)Are you talkin' to (D)me? (G)Are you talkin' to (D)me? I don't see (G)nobody else, so you (A)must be talkin' to (D)me.

I (G)took Cybill Shepherd (D)on a date, (G)we had coffee and (D)pie
But the (G)film in the theatre (D)was pornogra(A)phy
(G)Now she won't (D)take my (G)flowers or my (D)calls
So I (G)strap my body with (A)guns I bought on the (D)street


(G)I killed a (D)pimp, now (G)I'm a celebri(D)ty
And (G)if you don't like the (D)things I do, (A)then please answer me
Why am I a (G)hero (D)of the silver (A)screen
And (G)millions of people (A)seem to wanna be (D)me (spoken) - I'll tell ya!

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