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40th birthday swag report

Aimee gave me sexy no-bending-over-required George Foreman no-lace elastic ankle short boots...

...and an automobile garbage backpack and turkey tongs, and made me this!

Geometrically-abstract 80's primary colors with Japanese fabric. Like being hugged by the cast of Shōgun.

Dad sent me the Bass Pro Shops Special Edition Crock Pot:

...for slow-roasting small game you kill with your bow in the end-times. Note the woodland camoflage. Beige is for fags!

UPDATE: Dad also included a box of lasagna noodles and the note "call me for crockpot lasagna recipe." Best lasagna I've ever made. Effing artisanal.
Tags: Shōgun, beige is for fags, george foreman, lasagna nom nom nom, revelations, sexy boots, slow cooking, snuggly, turkey tongs

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