basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

show and tell day at the Folk School

Today was show and tell day at the Folk School, when all the classes display their work. Everyone in the cooking class except me made pumpkin soup, and I made savory pumpkin bread for the soup ("Joy of Cooking" pumpkin bread: cut the sugar in half, replace ginger with sage.)

Visitors came to the class all day and made quick work of my cinnamon ice cream from the class banquet from last night (vanilla ice cream with a drop of cinnamon extract per serving.)

Then I had time to play, so I boiled my beef stew ravioli, sautéed some sliced garlic and added a can of crushed tomatoes.

Then I washed the ravioli to keep it from sticking and fried them in olive oil and salt and plated it with the garlic-tomato sauce and grated parmesan. Gone in five minutes.

Not bad for the first batch of pasta I've ever made.

vikingsparrow took a photograph emulsion-transfer class. People told me privately that she's a great photographer and her stuff would sell. I tell them that I told her the same thing and that I would man a show booth for her but Yankee girls don't know how to take a fckn' compliment.
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