basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Larger-than-average fish in unfathomably big pond.

I have mixed feelings about my job. I don't like taking notes at meetings, but all the bosses love the way I write the notes, and reading my notes teaches me about the work more than all the other resources put together. I'm afraid that I'm not maintaining any competitive job skills, but I'm trying to maintain a perspective that 95% of the world has far worse job prospects than me. I already outrank the average rank at retirement. I'm a bigger-than average fish, but the pond is so large I can't see the edge.

I'm not used to having the lowest status in a meeting, but considering that the meeting is 4-st*r G*n*r*ls *nd S*rg**ns G*n*r*l *f th* *rmy, N*vy *nd **r F*rc* *nd th* D*D C*mptr*ll*r *nd th* D*D C*0 *nd D*p*ty S*cr*t*r**s *f D*D *nd V*, maybe I should accept a chair in the room as sufficient honor.
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