basilwhite (basilwhite) wrote,

Homemade Hot Roll Mix (single box recipe)

The homemade hot roll mix recipe circulating the Internet yields 22
cups. I recalibrated the Homemade Hot Roll Mix recipe to yield one box
of Hot Roll Mix.

Homemade Hot Roll Mix (single box recipe)
4 grams salt
19 grams instant nonfat dry milk
43 grams sugar
387 grams flour
1 pkg instant yeast

a lightweight bowl on a weight scale calibrated to grams. Use the tare
function to zero out the weight of the bowl and the weight of each
measurement. Weigh the ingredients in order of lightest to heaviest to
maintain accuracy of the scale. In order, add the salt, dry milk, sugar
and flour. Mix to combine thoroughly. Place in a large airtight
container and label with date, contents, and instructions. Store in a
dark, cool dry place and use within 6 months. Makes one pound/453
grams, the same amount as in a box of commercial hot roll mix. Use in
place of commercial hot roll mix, adding a package of instant yeast to
the recipe as specified.

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